Frameless Cabinets

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Frameless Cabinets

A quality contemporary product delivered in 4-6 weeks. These cabinets are constructed with a state-of-the-art box with adjustable legs and antibacterial materials. 70+ finishes allow you to mix and match texture, gloss, and matte finishes to create the kitchen of your dreams.


  • Soft gray Linen design
  • Antibacterial
  • 4.5″ from Cabinet to floor 
  • Aluminium Rail
  • Moisture Resistant core
  • Full access/Frameless
  • Adjustable Legs
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Our patented LUXE line provides the highest scratch resistance on the market by utilizing the most advanced technology in lacquered surfaces, allowing an unmatched color stability and stain resistance.


Texture Designs

Our Syncron series provides realistic texture designs, both to the look and feel and allows you the ability to achieve a complete match between texture and design throughout. This is achieved through our vertically integrated manufacturing, allowing us to control every aspect in the thermofused melamine board production.


Super Matte

Our Zénit line provides a deep super matte surface, with a silky feel and an extraordinary resistance to abrasion. Zénit is the result of our continuous improvement in lacquering technology and provides the highest anti-fingerprint cabinets around.

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